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Aim High – What have you got to lose

Aim High – What have you got to lose

Aiming high is the practice of setting high and ambitious goals and being motivated enough to achieve them.

Gordon Tredgold recounts; “When I look at some of the success that I have achieved, they have all followed a similar pattern.

They have involved aiming high and setting a big goal.


Why is that important?

Well because big goals can inspire us to take action. They can fit well with our aspirations and desires to achieve greatness. We all want to be recognized, and we get recognized for big achievements, not small ones.

When we set big goals, they can be daunting and they can be intimidating. In many cases, people can become overwhelmed with big goals but overwhelm just a product of not knowing where to start.

The answer to this? Start small.


So what's the best advice I can give?

Aim high, start small, and keep going.


The key to business life is to keep progressing, Progress has an aliveness and energy to it. Change will happen, good or bad. But progress is something you need to take charge of and allow it to drive you forward.

Have a vision for what you really and truly want. For the vision to work it needs to excite you. This vision needs the impetus to pull you and make you want to move forward. If you need to push, you will always be behind it and there is the possibility of losing steam, losing energy, losing impetus. Your vision needs to be compelling.

Big, bold and compelling vision is what separates great leaders from good leaders. Great leaders set great goals. Great goals are ambitious, challenging, they stretch you and your team, taking you outside of your comfort zone.

In order to make it compelling you need to have enough reasons that will push you through the tough times. Design your perfect outcome and list all the reasons why you can’t live without it.

You need to review it and feed it everyday. Every business decision from that point on it determined by what you are aiming for. Does it fit into the plan? Does it add or take away from your focus and/or work load?

To achieve your dreams, your vision, you need to raise your standards. That is what progress is all about – improving.

David Lewis saw a better way to serve clients when he started The David Lewis Co. Inc. He said; “We’ve been very disciplined historically about setting three- to five-year goals, working them back to one-year goals and working those back to one-week goals. We’re good at managing against those and taking corrective action steps when we’re at variance with our objectives.”

Richard Branson is quoted as saying; “When you don’t have any money, it is easy to feel limited in what you can achieve. However, we have often found the most creative ideas come when you don't have the luxury of big budgets.

We didn't just want to introduce setback video to expand our best-in-the-air services, we wanted to expand our whole airline.” He went on to say that he tried to get a $ 10 million dollar loan for the project and he couldn’t, so he got creative and called Boeing and struck a deal that got him new planes and the first to offer setback videos in all seat classes.

“If you aim higher than you expect, you could reach higher than you dreamed of.”

Richard Branson

  • Aiming high creates focus and direction.
  • Aiming high inspires and motivates others.
  • Aiming high create a sense of urgency and excitement to drive change.
  • Aiming high stretches you out of your comfort zone.

Every operation and department of your business should aim high. If you don’t aim high enough, you may forestall higher growth, greater efficiency or increased productivity that you were otherwise capable of achieving. No matter which measure you use: revenue growth, profit growth, ROI, reduction in cost of goods sold or any other, you should always aim as high as you can.

It is not about 100% improvement, or even 50% improvement all at once. If you can improve 1% here, 5% there and 10% elsewhere for an average of 5.3% per month improvement on a month to month basis, you will over a 60% increase on the year.

Get your team together and brainstorm. If it is just you, create a team. Ask people who you trust, admire, and respect and ask for their help, ideas, and feedback. Find ways to reduce costs a bit, increase margins, increase front-end and back-end sales, and create awesome customer service. Let your customers be your marketing geniuses.

People are doing it, you can do it. It doesn’t matter where you start from. You could have a one-person business doing $ 30,000 or a international conglomerate grossing $ 30 Billion; planning, learning, progressing is all the same. Start from where you are and improve.

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”          



Chuck Groot’s CPA, MPA, MBA credentials as an author, teacher, business coach and entrepreneur are noteworthy. His clients credit their success to his uncanny ability to get right to the root of any challenge that they put in front of him.  He credits his success to his clients and their willingness to being open to new ideas and desire in pursuit of excellence. 

As an entrepreneur, his enthusiasm and innovative approach have garnered him both professional success and the recognition of his peers. But his greatest delight is being able to share these skills with others and enabling them to be successful on their own.


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