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One theme equals momentum and success

By Stephanie Frank

One theme equals momentum and success

"So what are your plans for next year?", I asked a student the other day. He looked down, sighed, looked back up and said "Well, I'm going to work on a book, finish my real estate education, keep attending your teleclasses, work on my marketing plan, and - "

"WAIT!" I interrupted. How can you focus on so many things at one time? Multitasking is NOT the answer." "Oh, but I'm a really good multitasker!" he replied. I took a deep breath. If he was such a great multitasker, then why wasn't he achieving the level of success he wanted?

All successful people know this - FOCUS is the key to success. One thing at a time. One purpose at a time. Finish one and go on to the next.

We work ourselves so hard and don't give ourselves the time or effort it takes to really be successful. So many people get just to the TIP of success and then WHAM! - fall right down the mountain, exhausted, convinced that the principles of success somehow aren't meant for them.

It's not fair.

I'm going to share with you a trick I learned to use to achieve a level of focus for the year, month and even sometimes for each day - it's simple really. I HAVE A THEME!!!

My theme for this year was, appropriately, "FOCUS". I placed my theme word right there on my desk and looked at it every day. Whenever I wondered what I should be doing, or if I became distracted, all I had to do is look up and do what it said.

For each month, I gave the month a theme. December is "fix up your office" month. November was "create a new product" month. So what will your theme be for 2004? Drop by the Million Dollar Mastermind and talk about it with us!

Stephanie Frank