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Survival is what most businesses focus on in the first few years of operation. This allows for precious little time to lift your head up over the noise and allows you to work on your business, not for your business.


Starting your own business can involve juggling many different roles - from tech-savvy marketer to the financial wizard. While it's a lot of work, the good news is that all these skills are teachable and if you put in the effort and dedication then success could be just around the corner. Or, better yet, know what to look for in hiring someone on contract or staff!


I'm here to help you accelerate your business and reach the next level faster. To ensure smooth sailing, I've crafted packages tailored for each stage of growth providing homework assignments with stimulating exercises along the way. Let me know how I can empower you today!


To that end I have come up with three options for your consideration:



The Strategy Package

My STRATEGY package is designed to help you make informed decisions about your course of action.

I give you the following

  1. I provide the tools and guidance necessary for strategic implementation

  2.  Guide us both through revelations that can be truly transformative.

  3. Together we’ll come up with innovative ideas.

  4. You will be taught the steps that will serve as catalysts for change.

  5. Provided with the steps that laser points you to your path toward success.

  6. Plus, I'm here every step of the way offering creative thoughts and inspiring           "ahaa" moments along each unique path taken!

Investment: $ 150 per hour   

But as a special offer for you, I will only charge $ 65 per hour.

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There is also a 15% discount for a yearly subscription! 

And I will do an additional zoom meeting every week.

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Momentum Package

You enjoy all of the features above plus:

  1. You will be immersed with the the right guidance. The wrong approach can be           emotionally draining and financially detrimental due to costly mistakes.

  2.  I will deliver countless ways to boost your business' potential.

  3. You will be served with direction to avoid missteps along the way so as to                    expedite growth!

  4. You will be provided with invaluable advice to systematically give that extra                push needed for a lasting impact.

  5. Up to 8 hours a month via zoom.

  6. 10 hours per month reviewing or creating advertising material, posts, and a             marketing program for you.

Investment: $ 800 per month

Your special price will be $600 per month.

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Or you can receive a 20% discount if you subscribe for one year.

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Growth Package

In addition to the attributes of the Strategy Package and the Momentum Package you will receive:

  1. WE will put your business on autopilot with the best organizational 

      systems so you can work on your business, not in your business.

  2. WE will create a sophisticated growth plan, making it easier to manage                 and you still have a life.

  3. Through open dialogue and creative brainstorming techniques, we'll                       assemble a marketing plan program tailored specifically to suit your needs.

  4.  You will be positioned as a leading figure within your industry. 

  5. With my support, you can scale success without breaking the bank or draining        too much energy.

  6. We will strategize and implement your plans for 30 hours each month

Investment: $ 1200 per month

Your special price will be $900 per month.

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And if you choose an annual subscription it will be

25% less at $ 6,300

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Tomorrow is too late.

Yesterday is Over.

Now is the right time to START!