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Ten Things Your Mother Never Told You About Being Wealthy


You’ve probably heard these things all of your life.

“Work hard and you will be rewarded.”

“Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“We may not be rich but at least we’re happy.”

“We may be poor, but at least we’re honest”

“Money is evil”

“Put that down – don’t you know it’s dirty?”

I’ve always wondered where people get their belief systems. I remember two of my very limiting beliefs around money and my own capabilities that came innocently enough from two people I admired – my father and my teacher at school. Being a fairly good student but bored in school, my teacher would say at conferences “Stephanie is a straight B student – but she could really do better.” Of course, my parents would come home and tell me that I could do better – so into adulthood I told myself that no matter what I accomplished could do better! It wasn’t until I realized that I was living someone else’s opinion of me that I was able to break through and break out of my self-defeating thoughts.

Instead of asking why life is the way it is, isn't it better to ask HOW you can change your financial future and actually BE one of those people who ARE rich?

I became wealthy at an early age – actually in my early 20s. However, I spent way too much money and lost most of it within a matter of years. While rebuilding my life and my wealth, once again I took a look at why I had lost all of that money. While thinking about what I had learned growing up, I remembered that my father, who had also had success in business at an early age – was never a very good money manager. He didn’t pay the bills. He didn’t value his money – he just spent it. But boy, was he smart! I remember two innocent comments made by my other early in my life. They were not connected, but somehow I connected them. The first comment was “Your father is so smart – it’s a shame that he can’t manage his money”. The second comment, made at a different time, was “You’re just like your father”.

Of course, I put the two together, and became just like my father’ – a horrible money manager. Once I realized that once again I was living a belief system and a method that belonged to someone else, I was able to let go of that belief (and others) to be able to stop and become wealthy once again.

Now further into my life, I am going to tell you about some of the beliefs that you have been exposed to. These things are simply not true.

1.Wealthy people think only about money

Actually, it’s quite the opposite. Poor people think much more about money, and in a negative way, than rich people. Wealthy people concern themselves with how to grow their money, while poor people focus on how to pay the next set of bills that arrives in the monthly mail.


2. Wealthy people are greedy (or liar's)

Greed and lying are two principles that do not serve anybody. Wealthy people focus on the value that they can add to their customer or through transactions in their business. While focusing on that value, wealthy people automatically attract more money. People who focus only on how to get more money will find themselves in a weak financial position, where they may be forced to lie or be greedy.

3. Money is evil

Taken out of content from a biblical reference, the actual quote is “the pursuit of money is evil”. Money itself is the value-exchange mechanism that we have put in place in this world to share goods and services.

“Wealthy people come from all walks of life—college educated and high school dropouts alike.”

4. You have to be very smart to be wealthy

Wealthy people come from all walks of life – college educated and high school dropouts alike. The process of creating wealthy is actually a system that anyone with any level of education can follow. It simply takes a willingness to learn and consistent effort.

5. If you go to school and get a good education, you will be taken care of

There has not been a time in history where this statement is more false. Large corporations are downsizing every day. People are losing jobs. Pension funds are being taken away. Corporate benefits are slowly diminishing, costs are up and salaries are down. You are NOT being paid what you are worth in a job, no matter what level of education you may have.

Now, here are some things that ARE true about wealthy people.


6. Wealthy people use and understand leverage

You can’t change a tire on a car without a jack. Likewise, you cannot create wealth with a limited amount of time. We all have 24 hours in every day, yet wealthy people receive more benefit out of those 24 hours than poor people. They do it with leverage. They use other people’s time and other people’s money, or they work together to create something that pays back 10-fold. We have been taught to “go it alone” and “be the best you can be”, but when you team up with others, you will truly see exponential growth in your own future.

7. Most wealthy people don’t have a “regular” job

In a regular job, you have to work 9-5, get paid your regular salary and you have a limited amount of time to spend on other endeavors. When you are highly paid in a regular corporate job, you may very well work more than average – sometimes 10-12 hours in a day or more! Wealthy people have businesses of their own which create leverage for themselves to be able to structure and create the life they want.

8. Wealthy people understand that there are hundreds of ways to make money legally, ethically and honestly

We are taught to place a value on our time and get paid for that time. Just think about the number of small businesses out there (maybe one of them is yours!) where you get paid for an hour’s work. Consultants, doctors, lawyers, accountants, massage therapists are all in this category – you have to work or you don’t get paid. Using many different techniques such as real estate investment, stock market, internet, network marketing, or repetitive business models like self-storage or Laundromats are just a few of the hundreds of ways that a person can become wealthy.

“How you deal with life’s challenges can be the difference between wealth and poverty.”

9. Wealthy people view money management as their part time job

As the creating wealth process occurs, wealthy people step up to the job of gaining the knowledge to become an excellent money manager. They overcome their concerns about not knowing what to do and seek out the people that can teach them the methods they need to know to manage their money. They build a wealth team and consult with experts. 

10. Wealthy people focus on the positive

When a crisis or problem arises in our lives, most poor people ask themselves “why did this happen to me?” or “It figures – bad things always happen to me”. Wealthy people don’t think such things. Instead, they frame their questions with

“How can I…?” or

“What if….?”.

Challenges in life are normal and to be expected. How you deal with them can be the difference between wealth and poverty.

When you are able to understand that so much of living the life you want and creating your dreams revolves around your own thoughts and mindset, you will understand that you, yes YOU! have the power of wealth inside you.

Achieve Your Dreams,

Stephanie Frank

For over 15 years, Stephanie Frank, founder of the Rich Living Institute, has been helping people turn their dreams into profitable businesses. She has inspired and lead thousands of entrepreneurs down the path for abundant wealth. Her motivational personal story of rising from a college dropout to a multi-million dollar business owner has inspired people around the world to grab hold of their dreams and make them a reality. Her upcoming book, “The Accidental Millionaire” is a step-by-step wealth building system that can be used by anyone seeking personal freedom in their lives. Find out more about Stephanie at