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The Most Powerful Wealth Building Secrets Known

by Jay Abraham

After spending over 31 years researching, studying, analyzing, and identifying the most powerful and critical business systems and profit generating mindsets.

I've discovered that all incredibly successful pre-eminent entrepreneurs, business-builders, innovators and nationally recognized professionals all share a specific mindset.

And it is this mindset that is the single biggest cause for their brilliant achievements.

I'd like to share with you 9 of the 26 mindset that all these great masters of business building and life mastery have possessed


  1. Setting And Playing By Their Own Rules. The successful people I have studied did what they wanted - the way they wanted to do it! They didn't hold back. Nor did they follow the status quo.


2. Easily and Effectively Overcome Obstacles. No matter what the setback (financial setbacks, health problems, cash flow difficulties, lack of education) EVERY successful person managed to triumph over their obstacles (and everyone of them had at least one)


3. Turning Negatives Into Positives. The super achievers I studied did one thing better than anyone else they competed against. They re-framed every problem or disappointment they faced into a solution or opportunity for greater success.


4. Persistence. Everyone falls off the horse. But the people I studied got right back up, dusted themselves off, and tried again and again until they succeeded.



5. Ethics. The people I've studied have the highest ethical standards of anyone I've been exposed to. They took firm stands on what they believed in and did what was right. They didn't compromise, they didn't sell out, and they didn't lower their standards.


6. Belief and Commitment. Persistence does not work without a clear, strong belief in your unalienable right to have the goal and reward your after.

7. Focus and Unstoppable Drive. Persistence, belief and commitment are all essential to success. Yet, without clear focus and unstoppable drive, you'll only accomplish a fraction of your true potential. Focus is the ability to never let diversions get in your way. It's the ability to cut to the "bottom line essence" in everything you do.


8. Risk Taking. Super successful entrepreneurs know when and where to take astute risks. They know how to take them for maximum yield but minimum down side. Most people I meet however are afraid to take risks.


9. Fearlessness. The sky will not fall ...the world's not collapsing won't go broke or look stupid as long as you continually take forward action. Actually, doom and failure only go to those who stay in the status quo.

Simply being aware of these 9 mental factors will make you far more prone to success, starting right now.

So take the time to commit these to memory first, and then incorporate them into your being.

Jay Abraham is considered "America's #1 Marketing Genius.