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What Does It Take to Become Wealthy?

Loral Langemeier

Imagine never worrying about money ever again. Allow yourself to get lost in this fantasy for a moment: your bills are always paid with ease, you own several beautiful homes, your kids are attending the top colleges, and the money just keeps rolling in quicker than you can spend it…

Did you get a clear image? Or did you starting thinking things like, "It's silly to get lost in a fantasy," or "That's nice for someone else, but it won't happen to me," or even, "Who am I to think I could have that?" Some of us can more easily visualize our dreams than others, and when it comes to being wealthy, your ability to do this is a key factor in your success.

Absolutely anyone can become a millionaire

Anyone can become a millionaire. Yes, I mean anyone, including you. I don't care how much debt you're in, or your line of work. And, not just wealthy, but a millionaire. I know because I'm a wealth coach who specializes in doing just that: making people millionaires.

If you think you can't become a millionaire, you won't. But if you want to become wealthy, you'll have to change your attitude and behavior when it comes to wealthy.

I cover the many aspects of this process in my book, The Millionaire Maker, but for now let's just focus on the mental aspect. As essential first step in becoming a millionaire is the ability to open up your mind to the very real possibility that you can have whatever it is you dream of.

What would you do differently if you knew that you couldn't fail?

Every circumstance you have in your life is the result of your thoughts, from which you base your behavior. When you believe you can succeed, you end up doing things differently. Right now you probably have a lot of beliefs around why you can't be wealthy. A large part of my work with my clients involves reconditioning their minds so that they can clearly see the abundance and wealth possibilities that constantly surround them.

The next step on the road to millions is creating a vision of wealth. This is where you write out specific financial goals you want in your life. I usually have my clients write out what they want by the end of a year's time, so that their goals are measurable.

Your vision of wealth may include quitting your full-time job to start a new business, lowering your debt by half, or making $500 extra a month in passive income. It's really up to you. When you create this vision, you need to use what I call "unlimited thinking." However, you also need to set goals that are realistic and do-able. This is where the help of a mentor or wealth coach is key. Such professionals will have a realistic sense of how far you can stretch your mind and still be able to achieve your yearly goals.

Lastly, you need to be patient. Becoming a millionaire does not happen over night, it takes time. It also requires work and commitment. Millionaires are active creators of their futures, and they always have a plan. And although they ultimately expect to succeed, they don't let failure (an inevitable challenge on the path to success) hold them back.


Your wealth is your choice. And the question is, would you rather dwell on what you don't have and why you can't have it, or spend your time creating what you do want?

Wealth building is possible for anyone who learns and uses the right skills at the right time. Loral Langemeier literally creates millionaires, and she does it using a well-honed and tested system that anyone can learn. Creating sustainable wealth does not need to remain a mystery! Order your copy of

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