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Mastering the Sales Process – Self regulation

Whenever there is a salesperson involved in anything people recoil in fear. Nobody wants to be pushed or bullied into doing something they don’t want to by someone else. Let’s be honest, we all have and it didn’t feel good. It is widely thought that salespeople are only in it for the buck, or what they are going to get out of something, not helping you get what you need and want.


Yet sales is the only way to fuel the economy, progress humanity, and make a difference. Nothing happened without someone coming up with an idea to create something new or improve something old. Then the process of selling the idea begins.

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How to be successful at sales

Make it your goal to help others!

A key to being successful in business is to find a need and fill it. This is the same road to success in selling. Helping people solve their problems. Can anyone get good at sales? Absolutely! The key to being successful is to be real, be yourself,  be consistent, and be persistent.

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Getting Your Ideas Across

85 percent of what you accomplish in your career and in your personal life will be determined by how well you get your message across and by how capable you are of inspiring people to take action on your ideas and recommendations.Good communication is crucial for good management. Read how...



As I wrote in the last article we need to look at who are (or would be) our main customer. We need to look at their age/length they have been in business, sex/focus of their business, location, income/budget, and education/level of business sophistication. Most importantly their needs! Read more...



In step one we became experts in our field, or at least learned as much as we possibly could about our product or service. By knowing what your product will and will not do and how it will benefit your prospective client, now you can define your perfect client. It doesn’t take a large leap of faith or line of logic to know that if you have the perfect product and the perfect client and that client has a need, making the sale is so much easier. Read more...



Of all the key elements of business, number one is SALES. With sales, your company will not exist! We have been selling ever since man was created, when Eve sold Adam on the forbidden fruit. But has the art of the deal ever changed? Is selling the same as it was then? In many ways, yes; but not in all ways. Selling is much more complex than ever before. Read more...



To many, selling is a dirty word. Yet, if you look at it closely, you will see that as soon as you were born you started your selling career. One definition I ran across states;  


Back to when you were being born, your mother delivered you and you were given a pat on the behind and you promptly started screaming to let everyone know you didn’t like that and didn’t want them to do it again. Later you sold them on feeding you, cleaning you, and much more. 

Later in life you sold your parents on letting you take the car, someone to go out with you, possibly marrying you, and the selling goes on. Any time there are two or more people who have different ideas, or even the same idea they need to sell the other to think their way or do it together. Read more