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Hey! Long time no talk.

I just want to take a moment to thank you Mr. Groot. You've really changed my life I must say. My financial blueprint just keeps going up!

My goals are being set and accomplished. My life is slowly changing for the better, but like you said, "it can't happen overnight;" or maybe I heard that on the Magic School Bus - lol.

I am currently working as a Publishing Consultants assistant, but I really wanted to do what I love - snowboarding. So I said the heck with this I am going snowboarding.

I went up to Kelowna to a Big White Ski Resort Job Fair on the weekend hoping to get a job as a dish washer or janitor or something so I could ski and have fun. But when I got up there, my mind changed and I wasn't going to do anything that was menial. While I was waiting I overheard some of the Big White Managers talking. Not many people had shown up for the Slope Watch position; which is basically patrolling around making sure everybody was safe, and being a true host of the mountain.

So as persistent as I am, I walked up to the two of them and stuck out my hand and introduced myself. I explained to them that I have ten years of expereince in snowboarding and being a people person is the reason I'm there, and offered a moment of my time for them to interview me. And YES, I got the job right there on the spot.

To heck with being a dish washer. "Taryn Zotzman, Slope Watch." Sounds good to me.

and yea, that's my story, long, but as sweet as I could put it. I leave in a weeks time so I will be stopping by to shake the mans hand that helped me to do what I've wanted to do my whole life. Live.

Regards and thankful wishes;

Taryn Zotzman


Martin Russell Author of the internationally acclaimed success maker “Word of Mouth Magic”

“Wow! Talk about fun and fantastic! Chuck rocks and socks with ideas, stories, tips, tricks and other mind-stretching, money-making, and attention-grabbing wisdom! 

Debbie Allen

International Business, Sales & Marketing Expert

Award-Winning Author of

Confessions of Shameless Self Promoters and

Confessions of Shameless Internet Promoters


"Experience Speaks! Here are the street smart secrets, a map, to a runaway successful studio. If you want to rise above the crowd in income, reputations, and satisfaction, just follow the game plans in Chuck has!"


Mark Laurie MPA, SPA, F/SWPP


In Fashion & Glamour, Commercial, and Nature



Although he is a gifted photographer, Chuck is a businessman first. His advice on how to win more customers, get them to buy more and to keep them coming back is on the mark. Whether you are an experienced professional or just starting out, you can’t afford to pass up on his advice .

Jim McCullough SPA

Past Vice-President of the Professional Photographers of Canada

Past President of the Professional Photographers of BC

“Chuck Groot tells how to overcome setbacks, how to find self-esteem, and how to apply his practical approach to setting goals. The Groot Way works!”

Brent Edwardson MPA, F/PPABC

Multi Award Winning Photographer

President of the Professional Photographers of Canada


Chuck Groot is one of Western Canada’s premier Portrait and Wedding photographers and has consistently won major awards. Not only is he a respected educator, but he is also successful in the creative, esthetic, technical, and business side of photography. Chuck is always prepared, friendly, very informative and always very entertaining. The greatest gift he gives is his formula for success – thank you Chuck.

P.J. Smyth

Applewhite Photography

Former Dean of the Western Academy of Photography


“The system works… as long as you follow the system...”

Dr. Dan Stamp

Productivity Expert

Chairman and Founder of Priority Management Canada

Author of: Overcoming Barriers to Personal Success, and The Invisible Assembly Line: Boosting White Collar Productivity in the New Economy



“Groot strikes gold! Regardless of your previous levels of success. Chuck and his team has insights that will take your business and personal lives to a whole new level.”


Ruben Gonzalez – Olympian, Speaker, Author of The Courage to Succeed


Chuck, you are an asset to our profession. "Chuck Groot delivers and then some! He's engaging, entertaining and right on the mark when it comes to tailoring his consulting to our profession. His message works on a number of levels.”


Edward Booth CPP, M.Photog.Cr. API

Trustee/Director for West Coast School of Professional Photography

Council Person for Professional Photographers of America - Education Committee

Past - President of the Professional Photographers of California


"Chuck Groot has the uncanny ability to explain everything in such a way that not a single question was left unanswered for me. He not only offers processes, but total understanding of those processes."


Jackie Tiani

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John Di Lemme

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